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Horse Back Riding

Immerse yourself in the splendor of our 220-acre horseback riding paradise, where riders and their majestic companions can explore a tapestry of trails nestled within picturesque landscapes. With your trusted equine partner by your side, traverse through verdant woodlands, meandering streams, and expansive fields that beckon to be discovered. As you ride, keep an eye out for delightful encounters with gentle cows and majestic bison, adding an extra layer of charm to your journey. Moreover, our trails lead you past two serene ponds, offering moments of tranquility and reflection amidst their glistening waters. Our equestrian haven caters to riders with their own horses, providing the perfect setting for forging unforgettable bonds and creating cherished memories amidst the beauty of nature. Saddle up and embark on an unforgettable journey through our enchanting equestrian playground.

Animals you will see during ride:

  • Friendly Cows

  • Bison

Located at: 3599 Blue Cut Rd N.  McGregor, TX 76657

Trail Map
land_edited trails.jpg
Map 3-31-23.jpg

Horse Back Riding

  • Must be 12 years old or older

  • Under 250 lbs.

  • Must wear helmets

  • Must be able to speak English and follow instructions

  • Suitable for all skill levels,

  • Must be able to mount and dismount without assistance.

  • We do provide platforms to help you get on and off.


1 hour tour $110 per person

1 1/2 hour tour $175 per person


Sunrise and Sunset Tours

All Day Pass
Must Have Own Horse

You must have your own horse and Saddle / Tack

Reservations Required, only 10 passes sold per day


Rules and Regulations

  • Waiver must be signed

  • Passes cannot be shared

  • Reservations must be made in advanced

  • All ages welcome

Horse Health Regulations

  • All Vet records up to date (within a year)

  • All Core Vaccinations (within a year) 

  • Negative Coggins Te


Nov - Feb: 8am - 5pm

​$20 per rider​​

Mar - Oct:  8am - 7pm

​$30 per rider​

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