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"Otterly Adorable Playtime: An Interactive Otter Experience"

Water Temp is 94 degrees all year round

Dive into a world of aquatic fun and frolic with our "Otterly Adorable Playtime" experience! Join us for an unforgettable encounter with these charming and playful creatures as you become a part of their lively world. This interactive session promises laughter, joy, and plenty of heartwarming moments.


Tour Highlights:

  1. Otter Introduction: Begin your adventure with an informative introduction to the fascinating world of otters. Learn about the different otter species, their habitats, and the important role they play in aquatic ecosystems.

  2. Meet the Otter Ambassadors: Get up close and personal with our otter ambassadors, charming and charismatic representatives of their playful species. Discover their unique personalities and quirks as our experienced handlers share interesting facts about each otter.

  3. Playtime Extravaganza: Step into the otter play area for an interactive session filled with laughter and delight. Engage in games and activities designed to stimulate the otters' natural behaviors, such as chasing toys, navigating obstacle courses, and showcasing their incredible agility.

  4. Feeding Frenzy: Experience the excitement of feeding our otter friends as they showcase their nimble paws and sharp instincts. Participate in the feeding session under the guidance of our expert handlers, who will share insights into otter diets and nutritional needs.

  5. Hands-On Enrichment Activities: Join in on crafting and presenting enrichment activities that enhance the otters' cognitive and physical abilities. Watch as they investigate and interact with specially designed toys, providing a stimulating and engaging environment.


Private Groups

  • Min 2 people

  • Max 6 people



  • First 2 people are $400 each

  • Each additional person is $300 each


12 years and older only (NO EXCEPTIONS)

60 minutes

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