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Meet The Blue Hills Ranch Animals




Hello! I'm Blue the Giraffe, living the dream at Blue Hills Ranch where the grass is always lush and the company marvelous. I spend my days munching on high-reaching leaves and charming visitors with my lofty perspective. Here, I'm not just part of a herd; I'm part of a mission to teach humans about the beauty and importance of wildlife conservation. If you ever swing by Texas, come find me—I’m the one with my head in the clouds!


Milton (Google)

I was named after Dr. Milton Smith who was a big tall man and helped influence the ranch.  I am a very curious boy and I love to explore the world.


Female Giraffe - Coming Soon

We are soon going to be starting our own giraffe family.  In May of 2024 we plan to have the newest female arrive to be put with Blue.


Otto, Sweet Pea, Butters, Cartman,

The original fish eating crew is here to impress you with their swimming skills and steal your hearts.  We are full of personality and are very loving.  


James, Spenser, Montana

We are the newest babies at the ranch and soon will be stealing hearts across the world.  We were named after some very special friends in California.


3 Babies

Asian Small Clawed otters that were born in Jan of 2024


Geneva & Lilly

Geneva and Lilly and the animals that started it all.  The love that Matt had for these two dogs is what spread to opening Blue Hill Ranch.  Geneva is considered the mom to all the animals and has to make sure everyone is ok.  Lilly is the princess here and normally just hides from all the riff raff.


Georgia & Dixie

We are the sisters around the ranch and arrived in 2022. 

IMG_0149 (1).jpg

Bonnie, Clyde, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Emma, Phebe, Joey, Pivot

Bonnie and Clyde were the very first animals we got here at the ranch.  You can find them walking around the front gate area and they are our official greeters now.  


Irwin, Syndy, Pickles, Scuba Steve, Boomerang, Mimi, Tim Tam

Red kangaroos, the largest of all kangaroo species, are iconic marsupials native to Australia. They are known for their distinctive reddish-brown fur, powerful hind legs, and long, muscular tails, which aid in balance and propulsion. These kangaroos are adapted to the arid and semi-arid regions of the continent, where they can be found in social groups known as mobs, grazing on grasses and other vegetation.



We are named after awesome musicians from all genre.  Zebras are African equids known for their distinctive black and white striped coats, which act as a form of camouflage and provide protection against biting flies. They are social animals, living in small family groups led by a dominant stallion and consisting of females and their offspring. Zebras communicate through vocalizations, body language, and the unique pattern of their stripes, which helps individuals recognize one another within the herd.



Draft horses are a popular choice for horseback riding due to their gentle temperament, strength, and steady gait. Breeds like the Percheron, Clydesdale, and Belgian are well-suited for riding, especially for beginners or those who enjoy leisurely trail rides. Their large size and sturdy build provide a stable platform for riders, and their calm demeanor makes them reliable companions on the trail. Additionally, draft horses often possess a smooth trot and can cover long distances comfortably, making them ideal for riders who prefer a slower pace or who require a horse capable of carrying heavier load


Mini Horses - Nibbles, Skipper, Mary Anne, Ginger

Our mini ponies are all named after Gilligan's Island.  Nibble was the first one and he grew up with Blue the giraffe.  They maybe small, but they can put up a fight of Mike Tyson


British White Cows

We are the lawn mowers of the ranch.  We are named from all the Disney characters because we look like Mickey Mouse.



Oryx, also known as gemsbok, are majestic antelopes native to arid regions of Africa but introduced to Texas and other parts of the world for hunting and conservation purposes. Renowned for their striking appearance, they have long, straight horns and distinct facial markings, including dark eye patches and white markings on their face and legs. Oryx are well adapted to desert environments, possessing remarkable stamina and the ability to survive for long periods without water. They play a vital role in their ecosystems, grazing on tough desert vegetation and providing sustenance for predators like lions and cheetahs.


Fallow Deer

Fallow deer, native to Europe and Asia but introduced to Texas and other parts of the world, are elegant and adaptable ungulates prized for their beauty and sporting value. They exhibit a range of coat colors, including variations of brown, white, and black, with distinctive palmate antlers in males. Fallow deer are known for their social nature, forming herds led by dominant males during the breeding season. They thrive in diverse habitats, from woodlands to grasslands, and are appreciated by hunters and wildlife enthusiasts for their graceful appearance and challenging hunting pursuits.


Black Buck

Blackbuck, native to the Indian subcontinent and introduced to Texas for hunting purposes, are striking antelope known for their sleek black coat and distinctive spiral horns in males. They are agile runners, capable of reaching speeds up to 50 miles per hour, making them a challenging target for hunters. Often found in open grasslands and savannas, blackbuck exhibit fascinating social behaviors, forming herds led by dominant males who defend their territories through ritualized displays and sparring with rivals.


Axis Deer

Axis deer, also known as chital or spotted deer, are strikingly beautiful mammals native to the Indian subcontinent but introduced to Texas and other parts of the world for hunting and aesthetic purposes. They are characterized by their reddish-brown coats adorned with white spots, which provide effective camouflage in their natural forest habitats. With elegant antlers and graceful movements, axis deer are prized by hunters and wildlife enthusiasts alike for their majestic appearance.


Emus - Lisa & Mark

Our two emus are considered the security guards around here and they keep tabs on everyone.  We are very friendly and there is no reason to be scared.  If you sit down on the porch, sometimes we will come and sit next to you.  


Angus Cows - Jaime

Jamie is our blind cow that resides here who was adopted from a very special family.  Jamie has no problem getting around and has even raised a baby.  


Mini Pigs

Mini pigs, also known as miniature pigs or teacup pigs, have become increasingly popular pets in Texas and beyond. These pint-sized swine are known for their intelligence, sociability, and charming personalities, making them beloved companions for many households.



The American Bison, also known as the American Buffalo, is an iconic symbol of the American West. These massive mammals once roamed the plains in vast herds, shaping the landscapes they inhabited. Despite facing near extinction in the past, conservation efforts have helped restore their populations, and they continue to inspire awe and admiration as a symbol of strength and resilience in the wild.



Marvin and Homer are the two boys that make up our Camel Collection.  Marvin and Homer love a good treat and have no problem talking to you about it.  


Mini Cows

All mini cows have to be named after cities.  Oreo, Lorena, Savannah, Sam.  They maybe small, but they have big personalities.  You can find us hanging out with the kangaroo, camels and bison


Mini Scottish Highland Cows

Meet Savannah and Sam, our delightful duo of mini Scottish Highland cows at Blue Hills Ranch. With their charming personalities and fluffy coats, they capture the hearts of all who visit. Savannah, with her gentle demeanor, loves to graze lazily in the sun, while Sam, the adventurous one, enjoys exploring every corner of the pasture. Together, they bring joy and smiles to everyone they encounter, making them beloved members of our ranch family. Come meet Savannah and Sam today and experience the unique charm they bring to Blue Hills Ranch.


Turtles - Coral

Coral is our ranches  24-year-old female African tortoise, a species known for its impressive longevity and resilience, can often be expected to live up to 50 years or more under proper care. This tortoise, with her distinctive hard shell and slow, deliberate movements, is a fascinating creature and can be spotted right when you arrive at the ranch. 


Jack Rabbits

Jackrabbits, native to Texas and other parts of North America, are known for their long ears and powerful hind legs, which aid in their swift escapes from predators. Despite their name, they are actually hares rather than true rabbits, characterized by their larger size and longer legs. In the arid landscapes of Texas, jackrabbits play a crucial role in the ecosystem, serving as both prey for predators like coyotes and as seed dispersers for various plant species.


Road Runners

Texas Roadrunners, also known as Greater Roadrunners, are iconic birds of the southwestern United States. With their distinctive long legs, long tails, and crested heads, they are often seen darting across open landscapes at remarkable speeds. These birds are not just famous in folklore but are also key predators, preying on insects, lizards, and small mammals in their desert habitats.


Various Birds

Central Texas hosts a diverse array of bird species throughout the year. From the vibrant red plumage of the Northern Cardinal to the graceful aerial displays of the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, there's always something captivating to observe. Whether in urban parks or rural landscapes, the region's avian residents offer a colorful and melodious presence. With each sighting, birdwatchers are treated to a glimpse of nature's beauty and vitality in the heart of Texas.


Deer - Mavrick and Iceman

We are two lone deer that roam the property.  We are very friendly and named after the top gun movie. 


Duck - Cordova

We have one lonely duck who calls our pond home.  He seems to want to be a bachelor forever and keeps running off the ladies.  

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