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Animal adventures

Available for both public
and cabin guests

Safari Ranch adventure

Giraffes. Kangaroos. Mini Donkeys. Zebras. Take a ride with us and see all our animal families, including our free-roaming cows, deer, emus and more. Enjoy a private tour of up to 5 people for a luxury private safari only in Texas.

Max 6 people (lap riding is OK)

12 months of age and under free

60 minutes


$40 per person (Dec 1 - Feb 28)

$50 per person (March 1 - Nov 30)

Otter adventure

Come swim and play with our Asian Small-clawed Otter water sausages, Otto and Sweet Pea, in their private hot tub! Experience being a part of their playground and share in food time fun. Fish popsicles and shrimp treats are their faves – if you’re lucky, they may offer toys to you and share their mischievous energy…

Min 2 people

Max 6 people

12 years and older only (NO EXCEPTIONS)

60 minutes


$250 per person

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