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Behind the Scenes Tours

Behind The Scenes tour

Welcome to Blue Hills Ranch! Our behind-the-scenes tour offers an exclusive look into the inner workings of our ranch, providing you with a unique and educational experience. Join us as we explore the nutrition and diet planning in the kitchen, get an inside peek at our veterinary care facilities, and discover the secrets behind our enrichment programs. Learn about our breeding and conservation efforts, visit behind-the-scenes housing areas, and participate in training that highlight the positive reinforcement techniques used by our dedicated team.


Blue Hills Ranch is committed to the well-being of our animals, and this tour is your opportunity to go beyond the exhibits, normal tours, and discover the care and dedication that goes into making our ranch a special place for both animals and visitors. Join us as we delve into the compassionate care provided to our animal residents.

Tour Highlights

  1. Introduction and Welcome:

    • The tour begins with a welcome and introduction from a knowledgeable guide.

    • Visitors may be given a brief overview of the ranch's history, mission, and conservation efforts.

  2. Animal Nutrition and Diet:

    • Guests visit the ranch's kitchen and feeding / nutrition center to learn about how the animals' diets are planned and prepared.

    • The guide may discuss the nutritional needs of different species and the efforts made to replicate their natural diets.

  3. Veterinary Care and Health:

    • A visit to the veterinary facilities may be included, where guests can learn about the healthcare provided to the animals.

    • Information about routine check-ups, medical treatments, and the role of veterinarians and caretakers may be shared.

  4. Enrichment Programs:

    • Participants may explore the areas where enrichment activities are designed for the animals.

    • Enrichment is crucial for the mental and physical well-being of the animals, and visitors might witness or learn about various enrichment techniques.

  5. Breeding and Conservation Programs:

    • Learn about breeding programs or conservation efforts, the tour may include insights into these initiatives.

    • Information on successful breeding stories, endangered species, and conservation projects may be shared.

  6. Behind-the-Scenes Housing and Enclosures:

    • See behind-the-scenes housing areas and enclosures that are not accessible to the general public.

    • The guide will discuss the design and maintenance of the habitats and answer questions about animal care.

  7. Training Demonstrations:

    • Include animal training demonstrations, showcasing the positive reinforcement techniques used by trainers to ensure the well-being and cooperation of the animals.

  8. Question and Answer Session:

    • The tour usually concludes with a Q&A session, allowing visitors to ask questions and seek additional information about the ranch's operations and the animals.

Tour Will Include:

  1. Giraffes training and education

  2. Otter behind the scenes, play and education

  3. Safari Tour, interacting, inspecting, feeding

  4. Kangaroo Bottle feeding and making

  5. Kangaroo Bath time (possibly)

  6. Safari Photos



4 hour experience,

  • 8am - 12pm

  • 1pm - 5pm



$1000 per Person

Min 2 people

Max 4 people

12 years and older only (NO EXCEPTIONS)


Behind-The-Scenes Wildlife Tour

Embark on an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey fit for a president! Our "Presidential Tour" offers a unique and totally immersive experience, granting you access to the hidden realms of our extraordinary animal kingdom.  This is our biggest and best tour that we offer.  It is completely customized for you.  You will spend 8 hours with the owner of Blue Hills Ranch and have an all access pass to go where no one else goes.  

A personalized interview will be done before you arrive to make sure we cover and do everything you want to see and explore.


Tour Highlights:

  1. Presidential Welcome at Blue Hills Ranch: Begin your adventure with a warm welcome from the owner of Blue Hills Ranch, who will personally introduce you to the day's itinerary. Get a firsthand look at the ranch's commitment to conservation and animal welfare.

  2. Private Encounters with Ranch Residents: Dive deep into the heart of Blue Hills Ranch, exploring animal enclosures not open to the public. Engage in up-close and personal encounters with the ranch's diverse inhabitants, all while learning about their unique personalities and stories.

  3. Presidential Feeding Sessions with Ranch Keepers: Experience the thrill of participating in feeding sessions alongside the ranch's dedicated animal keepers. Witness the impressive feeding habits of the ranch's inhabitants, gaining insights into their nutritional needs and natural behaviors.

  4. Customized Blue Hills Ranch Exhibit: Unveil a specially curated exhibit showcasing the ranch's most iconic and endangered species. Learn about the ranch's conservation initiatives and the role of private facilities in contributing to global biodiversity preservation.

  5. Presidential Enrichment Activities: Engage in hands-on enrichment activities designed to enhance the well-being of the animals. Collaborate with the ranch's experienced staff to create and implement interactive challenges, fostering the animals' physical and mental stimulation.

  6. Presidential Ranch Tour: Embark on an in-depth exploration of Blue Hills Ranch, guided by the owner. Gain insider knowledge about the ranch's history, its mission, and the daily operations involved in caring for a diverse range of wildlife.

  7. Presidential Photo Safari: Capture unforgettable moments with the ranch's magnificent residents during a personalized photo safari. Enjoy exclusive opportunities to document your encounters and create lasting memories with the guidance of professional wildlife photographers.

  8. Conservation Roundtable with Blue Hills Ranch Owner: Engage in a private, in-depth discussion about wildlife conservation with the owner of Blue Hills Ranch. Learn about their vision, ongoing conservation efforts, and the unique role of private ranches in preserving endangered species.

  9. Exclusive Presidential Souvenirs: Receive a personalized, limited-edition souvenir package as a memento of your day at Blue Hills Ranch. 

Tour Will Include:

  1. Giraffes training and education

  2. Otter behind the scenes, play and education

  3. Safari Tour, interacting, inspecting, feeding

  4. Kangaroo Bottle feeding and making

  5. Kangaroo Bath time

  6. Breakfast & Lunch provided

  7. Happy hour with Giraffes at the end of the day

  8. Safari Photos

  9. Amazing Sunset Views



8 hour experience, starting at 8am - ending at 5pm


$1500 per Person

Max 4 people


All ages, (but not recommended for less that 7 years old)

Caution you could get dirty, bring a change of clothes

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