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Blue Hills

Blue Hills Ranch Team




Blue Hills Ranch is a gem in Texas and is a living dream brought to life by Founder Matt, whose unbridled passion for animals and creating lasting memories inspired its inception. This unique ranch is not just a home but a sanctuary for an array of exotic wildlife, including zebras, kangaroos, donkeys, giraffes, otters and more. "At the heart of my mission is a commitment to animal conservation and care, principles that have guided the ranch's remarkable growth over the past four years."


Under Matt's stewardship, Blue Hills Ranch has evolved into more than just a ranch - it's a destination where guests from across the globe can immerse themselves in an experience akin to an African safari, right in the heart of Texas. He takes immense pride in seeing the ranch flourish, not just in size but also in the joy and wonder it brings to visitors.


As Blue Hills Ranch continues to expand and reach new heights, Matt is excited about the future. With promising new attractions on the horizon, he eagerly anticipates unveiling these developments to our guests. The journey of Blue Hills Ranch is a testament to the power of a vision driven by passion, care and a deep love for nature and the animal kingdom. It's a place where the spirit of adventure and conservation meet, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience that continues to evolve and inspire.



Lisa lives in Southern California and spends her time at Blue Hills Ranch as a volunteer staff member, heading down to the ranch whenever possible to help out with her Dad, Mark.  Lisa is a Biochemist and Sports Nutrition specialist in "real" life but dedicates her extra time at the ranch taking care of the animals, cleaning, greeting guests and basically helping with anything Matt and his staff needs. But her favorite activity is spending time with the Asian small-clawed otters Otto and Sweet Pea whom her Dad and she rescued and donated to the sanctuary (and all the other otter rescues!) "I feel so privileged watching my dear friend Matt follow his dreams in building a safe-haven for all of our animal friends. Come and stay with us as part of our Blue Hills team and help us behind-the-scenes as we develop and grow! It's a beautiful opportunity of a lifetime, helping our animals thrive freely in their happy forever home."



Mark lives in Southern California and is a special volunteer at Blue Hills Ranch.  He comes to the ranch multiple times a year, for the past 4 years.  Mark is an all around utility man, clean-up guy and organizer of the office area, garage, tools and equipment.  He’ll work on any odd jobs, assisting Matt and other staff members on projects around the ranch or cleaning cabins.  Mark enjoys spending time with the animals, feeding, checking water supply, driving an ATV or walking around the 150 acres checking on the animals, searching for new babies and watching for the welfare of the free-roaming animals.  "The care of the animals is what I enjoy the most!  There are always new projects being developed at the ranch and I will continue to volunteer and assist in the future of this ever-growing animal sanctuary."

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