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Our animals

Meet The Blue Hills Ranch Animals

I am Blue, the two year old giraffe born in April of 2020.  I am excited to have a new best friend named Google.....besties....BFF....


I am going to show Google the ropes here at Blue Hills and introduce him to all my animal friends. 


I am Google, the 2 year old giraffe who follows in Blue's footsteps, learning all about Blue Hills Ranch.  My favorite treat thus far is carrots.  


We are Asian small-clawed otters, donated in March 2020 and are as cute as can be! Come and watch our swimming skills while we eat our favorite treat - fish popsicles!

Otto & Sweet Pea

Butters & Cartman



We are the official "Guards" of Blue Hills Ranch. We watch over the cattle and the baby calves, and stand guard to let the other animals know if we see any possible trouble. We are a little shy but getting better at letting you see us.  

We are all named after music stars

Elvis, Garth, Wynonna, Naomi, Salt, Pepper, Patsy, Madonna, Tracy

3 Babies in 2023

red kangaroo

I used to live inside the farmhouse but now I hop around the barn yard. I came to Blue Hills Ranch at just 6 weeks old.

I enjoy playing with the pigs and laying under my tree.

Irwin, Scuba Steve, Pickles, Sydney, and Boomerang.


Mini Donkeys

We were the first two exotic animals here at the sanctuary. Soon after, we welcomed Monica, then along came Ross.

We help our zebras stand guard and protect our other animals from any harm, but we will also seek

you out for some treats.

Bonnie, Clyde, Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Emma, Joey, Rachel

Quarter Horses

We were rescued November of 2021. You can find us hanging out with our Mustang friends.

Wild Mustangs

We came to the ranch fall of 2021 from the ranges of Utah and Nevada. We are still very shy but enjoy seeing new people. 

Gypsy, Mia, Cash, Misty, Lightning, Smokey, Cisco, Junior, Spirit

Mini Horses

We may be small but we are mighty! The other animals don't know it, but we pretty much run the place.

Nibbles, Mary-Ann & Ginger, Skipper

British White Cows

We are called British Whites, better known as the Mickey Mouse cows. We love our treats and want you to come say hello.

We are all named after Disney characters.  

Angus Cows

I am a special little brownish-red girl cow that was donated to the ranch in October 2020.  I am blind and needed a good forever home.  I was named after a special little boy named Corbin "James" who is our favorite visitor here. 


My mom is my guide to the world and is very protective of me.  I am still learning all the new sounds and smells of the different animals.

Jamie & Nancy


I was named after Tonkawa Falls in Crawford, TX. I love to run around with my cow friends, McGregor & Elsa. 


Mini Scottish Highlander COWS

We enjoy welcoming new visitors coming into the ranch. If you scratch our belly, we will roll over.

Sam & Savannah

Mini Highland park Cow

I am the baby of the mini cows.  I am sometime shy but I am definitely the sweetest


Dromedary Camel

I am a Dromedary Camel and my color is very rare.  I am still trying to figure out my long legs, but you can find me dancing around with my sidekick, Oreo. If you see me, stop and say hello because I love meeting new people and love being the center of attention!


Marge & Homer

Blue Hills Ranch-124.jpg
Mini Pigs

We enjoy welcoming new visitors coming into the ranch. If you scratch our belly we will roll over.

Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, Wendy, Darling, Wheelie, Scarlet


We were donated in March of 2021 and we patrol the fence line.  We will see you before you see us. Lisa may come up to say hi while I stand back and be her watch guard.

Mark & Lisa

Mini Cow

I am the newest mini cow, and I am a Belted Galloway.  The camel Marvin thinks we are best friends but he has this weird-looking hump on his back...


Blue Hills Ranch-108.jpg
Axis Deer

There are about 50 of us at Blue Hills Ranch. Our favorite game is hide and seek. If you see us, we will go hide again, because you are always "it".

We are the prettiest deer out there because of our unique white spots.

Our largest boy is named


Clint Eastwood

Black buck Deer

We are a type of Antelope native to India.  There are thought to be 50,000 of us in India and 35,000 of us in Texas.

Fallow Deer

We are native to Europe. There are three color variations of fallow; white, tan with white spots, and brownish in color almost to the point of being black.  George Washington was thought to be the first American to have Fallow Deer.

Captain Jack Sparrow


In 2000 we were considered extinct by the IUCN.  We once roamed North Africa.  Blue Hills Is trying to help with the repopulation of Oryx into the wild.   

African Spurred Tortoise

My favorite snacks are strawberries and watermelon. 



Unlike most cattle, the Watusi have evolved on their own to be adaptive to the harsh dry seasons.

Ricky and Lucy

Georgia & Dixie

We are the newest puppies to the mix at the ranch.  We play with everyone and loveeee treats.  We are going to be about 150 lbs each.


I am a King Charles. I was named after Lilly Munster from the TV show The Munsters. I was born in Texas but grew up in California, but I am for sure the Princess of the ranch.  I love my walks to find bugs and frogs, and I enjoy napping anywhere I want.  Geneva is my big sister and we have grown up together since I was a baby.  She's my favorite here.


I am a Saint Bernard. Lilly and I were the first animals here at Blue Hills Ranch.  I grew up in California before moving to Texas.  I am a city girl who has relocated to the country.  I am the mom to all the animals that live in and around the house.  


We have 1 duck that calls our property home.  They are friendly and will walk right up to you for treats


Iceman and Maverick

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