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blue hills ranch

  Welcome to Blue Hills Giraffe & Animal Sanctuary!  Blue Hills Ranch was named after the 150 acres of beautiful rolling hills covered in bluebonnets that bloom each spring. This is the forever home to many animals! Please treat each animal with love and understand that they are all wild animals.  We don't have any fences, so at any point you might see animals.  We want everyone to be safe at all costs.


​There are a couple big rules we have here, while you are on property, for yours and the animal's safety.

  1. Consider all animals wild. Your safety and that you enjoy your stay are our number 1 priority!

  2. Drive slowly and cautiously. Please remember you are entering a wild animal sanctuary and we have no fences that section off the cabins or road. 

  3. All guests must sign waiver to enter the property.

  4. Please don't run on the property, as it will scare the animals and we need you to be able to see your footing.

  5. Do not yell or make loud noises at or around the animals.

  6. This is a working ranch, so please watch your footing.  Concrete pathways are available and we recommend staying on them.  If you exit the pathways, please look out for hazards.  You are in the country now; we do have bugs and critters out here!

  7. Although we love animals dearly, we cannot allow outside animals on the property.

  8. Parking is in front of the barn.  Please park where the arrows point, on either side of the barrels.​

  9. No Smoking!!!

  10. No open flame. 

  11. Stay on the cabin side of the lake when walking.

RV Area

  • No open Flame

  • WiFi Password is : giraffes



Network: Blue Hills Guests

Password: giraffes

Deer Feeder goes off at 9am and 7pm

Treat Buckets

$15 each or

4 for $40

The pool is only open during the warmer months of the year, typically

End of April - End of September.

Pool Hours: 9am - 6:30pm​


The town of McGregor is about 7 minutes away


Milano's Pizza (will deliver)

Coach's BBQ

Coffee Shop Cafe

Papi Taco

La Hacienda Mexican Grill


Fast food restaurants


Burger King

Dairy Queen

Bush's Chicken



Grocery store

Brookshire Brothers

Dollar General

The town of Moody is 5 minutes away


Lucy's Café (breakfast & lunch)

Double Sky Dinner (lunch & dinner)

Bub's BBQ & Burgers


Grocery store

Brookshire Brothers

Dollar General


The towns of Waco, Hewitt & Woodway are about 18 minutes away​




​Things to do on Property

​Feel free to use the barn porch to sit and watch the animals or enjoy a meal.  Please gather all your trash, as we do not keep trash cans out because of the animals.

If you are an animal lover here is a list of all the animals you will see on property.

Just Ask

​If you need something or have questions, just ask.  Our staff is here to make your stay the most enjoyable possible! We are available via call or text 833-711-1777​


Thank you for deciding to stay with us and get ready to embark on one of the most unique experiences anywhere in the world!

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