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Free Benito The Giraffe

Benito is a 3-year-old male giraffe who lives in a "park" in Juarez, Mexico where he has no access to grass, clean water/food, or even proper shade.  Juarez, Mexico previously had another giraffe named Modesto who suffered tremendously in silence for years as temperatures in Juarez are not appropriate for a giraffe. With winter temperatures of -14 degrees at times, no proper shelter, reduced space without a single tree and with a diet mainly dictated by the park's visitors, Modesto suffered and died in horrible conditions. The state's government has now brought Benito to take his place and live the same solitary fate as Modesto did. 






Blue Hills Ranch is trying to raise awareness and bring Benito here to make this his forever home.  We are helping the local animal rescue in Juarez and have agreed to give Benito a forever home.  Blue Hills Ranch has already agreed to pay for the vet and transportation to his new home, where he can meet his new friends Blue and Google.  We have plenty of room and will have a brand new barn for him to live in.  

Please sign the petition to make the authorities of Mexico see that they want a new home for Benito.  

Below are the pictures of Benito's conditions

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