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Meet The Blue Hills Ranch Team

At Blue Hills Ranch, family isn't just a word; it's the cornerstone of everything they do. From the dedicated team to the hardworking employees, everyone is woven together by a shared passion for the animals and a commitment to excellence. Each member brings their unique talents and expertise to the table, creating a dynamic environment where collaboration thrives. They're more than just colleagues; they're a tight-knit community, supporting each other through thick and thin. Together, they embody the spirit of Blue Hills Ranch, where every individual plays a vital role in the success of the whole......We are Family


Turtle Racing

Blue Hills Ranch, nestled in the heart of Texas, embodies our shared dreams brought to life. Founded by Valerie and Matt, whose unwavering love for animals and joint vision to create everlasting memories sparked its inception. This haven is not merely a dwelling but a sanctuary where a menagerie of exotic creatures, from zebras to kangaroos, find solace and care. "Our driving force is to ensure the well-being of these majestic beings," Valerie and Matt reflect, their dedication evident in every aspect of the ranch's growth over the past four years.

Under Valerie and Matt's guidance, Blue Hills Ranch has blossomed into more than just a piece of land—it's a haven where travelers worldwide can partake in an adventure akin to an African safari. Witnessing the joy it brings to visitors fills both Valerie and Matt with immense pride, not only in its expansion but in the wonder it evokes.

As Blue Hills Ranch ventures into new territories, Valerie and Matt both brim with excitement for what lies ahead. With promising additions on the horizon, they eagerly anticipate sharing these marvels with their guests. The journey of Blue Hills Ranch mirrors the potency of a vision fueled by fervor, tenderness, and a profound reverence for nature and its creatures. It stands as a testament to the harmony between adventure and conservation, offering an experience that evolves and inspires, time and again.


Date Night

Valerie's journey with Blue Hills Ranch began as a guest, drawn in by the promise of adventure and connection. Little did she know, she was about to embark on the most significant chapter of her life. Introduced to a man who would eventually become her business partner, husband, and best friend, Valerie's story intertwines with the very essence of the ranch itself.


But this love story is not just about two people; it's about a shared passion for animals and the land that sustains them. It's about the dedication and drive that breathe life into every corner of Blue Hills Ranch.


While Valerie still nurtures her additional passions in real estate, her heart finds its home on the ranch. Here, amidst the rolling hills and the gentle sway of the grass, she continues to write her story—one of love, adventure, and unwavering commitment to the place she proudly calls home.


Join Valerie and the Blue Hills Ranch family as we weave together the threads of our collective journey, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Welcome to our sanctuary, where every heartbeat echoes with the rhythm of nature's song.


Sam Bass

Sam Bass, a native of McGregor, Texas, is a passionate outdoorsman with a deep love for deer and the natural world. Growing up surrounded by the scenic landscapes of McGregor, Sam developed a profound appreciation for wildlife from an early age. His fascination with deer, in particular, blossomed into a lifelong passion, shaping many of his interests and pursuits.

Beyond his affinity for the great outdoors, Sam is a devoted father to his daughter. His commitment to family is evident in both his personal and professional life, where he strives to create a balance between his love for nature and his responsibilities as a parent.

With a background rooted in his rural upbringing, Sam embodies the values of hard work, resilience, and an unwavering connection to his roots. Whether he's spending time in the woods tracking deer or enjoying precious moments with his daughter, Sam's life is a testament to the profound beauty found in simplicity and the enduring bond between man and nature.

Sam is our go to guy at the ranch to fix and take care of things.


Kenzie Bennett

My name is Kenzie and I am the Animal Specialist/Vet Tech of Blue Hills Ranch! I started and run our trail riding program here at the ranch as well. I have a huge passion for animals and I have always wanted to help them in anyway that I could. Some of my hobbies include breeding Great Danes, dock diving and riding horses! I have 6 Great Danes, a border collie, a Clydesdale and a Belgian horse! Come ride with me at the ranch and see all of our exotic animals along the way. I’m most often seen with our mini donkey, Pivot, in my shadow!


Truly Special People

Blue Hills Ranch owes its extraordinary success and enduring legacy to the remarkable individuals who have dedicated their talents, passion, and unwavering commitment to its growth. From visionary founders who laid the groundwork for its inception to the dedicated staff who work tirelessly to ensure its operations run smoothly, each person has left an indelible mark on the ranch's story. Their collective efforts have transformed Blue Hills Ranch into a beacon of excellence, offering unparalleled experiences and fostering a deep sense of community. Whether through innovative programs, compassionate care for the land and animals, or fostering a spirit of inclusivity, these amazing individuals have made Blue Hills Ranch not just a destination, but a cherished home for all who enter its gates.


Milton & Sherry Smith

This Ranch was made possible by these two individuals.  Starting back to 2007, they pushed Matt out of his comfort zone and he formed his medical company.  He only did this because Sherry and Milton believed in him.

Lisa Mark.jpg

Lisa & Mark Thomas

Lisa lives in Southern California and spends her time at Blue Hills Ranch as a volunteer staff member, heading down to the ranch whenever possible to help out with her Dad, Mark.  Lisa is a Biochemist and Sports Nutrition specialist in "real" life but dedicates her extra time at the ranch taking care of the animals, cleaning, greeting guests and basically helping with anything Matt and his staff needs. But her favorite activity is spending time with the Asian small-clawed otters Otto and Sweet Pea whom her Dad and she rescued and donated to the sanctuary (and all the other otter rescues!) "I feel so privileged watching my dear friend Matt follow his dreams in building a safe-haven for all of our animal friends. Come and stay with us as part of our Blue Hills team and help us behind-the-scenes as we develop and grow! It's a beautiful opportunity of a lifetime, helping our animals thrive freely in their happy forever home."

Mark lives in Southern California and is a special volunteer at Blue Hills Ranch.  He comes to the ranch multiple times a year, for the past 4 years.  Mark is an all around utility man, clean-up guy and organizer of the office area, garage, tools and equipment.  He’ll work on any odd jobs, assisting Matt and other staff members on projects around the ranch or cleaning cabins.  Mark enjoys spending time with the animals, feeding, checking water supply, driving an ATV or walking around the 150 acres checking on the animals, searching for new babies and watching for the welfare of the free-roaming animals.  "The care of the animals is what I enjoy the most!  There are always new projects being developed at the ranch and I will continue to volunteer and assist in the future of this ever-growing animal sanctuary."


Christie Goldstein

Christine has been a long time supporter of Blue Hills and is an amazing person both inside and out.  She is a truly gifted award winning photographer.  She has a true passion to help others and capture beauty through the lens. She's a nurse, mom, wife, and great friend who is just an amazing person to be around. 


Kendra Cofer

Kendra is a caring soul with passion for children and photography.  She has helped us on may occasions shooting photos of all the changes and the animals around the property.  Kendra has such a kind heart and also runs a non-profit called  

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