Cocktails with Critters

December 31, 2020

4 - 6 PM


Come meet, drink, and interact with the tiniest members of Blue Hills Ranch! You'll be able to feed and take personal photos with our amazing baby animals!

  • a baby kangaroo 🦘

  • baby mini cow 🐮

  • baby mini pigs 🐽

  • otters 🦦

  • baby goats 🐐

  • a mini pony 🐴

  • Saint Bernard dog ðŸ¶

  • King Charles dog ðŸ¶

  • Tortoise ðŸ¢



Free Alcohol

  • Beer, Wine, MimosaVodka, Rum, Whiskey, Tequila, Gin

  • various mixers and soft drinks



*All ages welcome. Must be 21+ to drink.

*Limited to 40 people only.

*Guest and animal safety is our priority. You will only sit with people you arrive with and all tables will be spread out.

*All ticket sales are tax deductible.

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