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Vanquish Leggings Green 2 and Alin Tank

Iron Lily at Blue Hills



Blue Hills Giraffe & Animal Sanctuary is proud to be partnering with Iron Lily to bring you original group fitness classes and high performance activewear, designed to emphasize your own distinctive style and bring women together who are striving to define and declare their uniqueness.

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The Iron Lily Collection -  Izzy Seely, Founder and CEO.  

The inception of Iron Lily was a love project from the very start. I knew it had to be about more than just the clothes. It needed to mean something greater.  Iron Lily gives substance and meaning to empower women to shape their strengths and allow the freedom to finally be true to ourselves. It's a reflection of our internal struggle and the beauty that can transpire from that.


Putting activewear on a new platform, Iron Lily is creating a brand beyond the normal parameters. It's about helping women find their place. For strong women fighting for the freedom to become who you were always meant to be.

Our Love for Animals.  

Who do I turn to when the struggle sometimes gets all too real, and my yoga or kickboxing class didn't quite get rid of all that stress?  My rescue pup Olive, of course!  My dream after developing a successful business has always been to pay it forward through animal rescue.

When I heard about Blue Hills Giraffe & Animal Sanctuary, I knew we could develop an amazing partnership, bringing women together through health and wellness and lovin' on animals all the while!

So join us for Goat Yoga, Swim Aerobics with the Otters or just Kickbox while the Donkeys watch!  And if you purchase any Iron Lily activewear, all proceeds go to the care of Blue Hills animals.  Just as long as you promise to always... #wearitstrong. 


Our Ethical Values

  • All proceeds go to Blue Hills Giraffe & Animal Sanctuary

  • Manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • Fair wages, hours & working conditions

  • Sustainable packaging

  • Supporting strong female athletes

  • ​Founder & CEO - Female Exercise Physiologist & Fitness Trainer

Pavilion / Chapel & Lakeside Dock

Giraffe & Other Wildlife


Large Onsite Parking Lot

  • Open Air Pavilion / Chapel

  • Views of the lake and rolling hills

  • Dock over the lake

  • Giraffes

  • Zebras

  • British White Cows

  • Mini Donkeys

  • Mini Pigs

  • Otters

  • Deer

  • Tortoises

  • Sleeps 4 per cabin

  • King-sized bed

  • Queen-sized bed

  • 65 inch TV

  • High speed WiFi

  • Full bathroom with shower

  • Amazing views

Many picturesque sites

to choose from:​​

  • Rolling Hills

  • Wooden Barn

  • Lake Dock

  • Oak Tree

  • Bluebonnet Fields (when in season)

  • Antique Fire Truck


  • Giraffes

  • Zebras

  • Mini Donkey

  • Mini Pigs

  • Mini Horses

  • British White Cows

  • Axis Deer

  • Asian Otters

  • Tortoise