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Our goal is to establish a world class destination that celebrates people who love animals, who hunt, fish, and act as stewards of the land and water.  We are not a trophy hunting facility.  


It is our belief that our responsibility to this earth is to ensure healthy species that do not compromise their existence by over-population, disease, or genetic defects.  This is the very reason why you can only select specific animals that will always be old, have genetic defects, and have a very specific season they can be hunted.  100% of all proceeds from hunts will go to the conservation of the species being hunted.

Each animal out here is a family member to me and I have raised and cared for them all their lives.  I tried to give them a happy and stress free life.  Sadly just like with our Dogs and Cats there comes a point in their life where euthanasia  is the most humane thing to do, whether it be for injury, illness, or old age.  Never will we allow any animal to suffer beyond our capabilities to take care of them.

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